About Agility Bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers across Edinburgh, Stirling, and Glasgow expertly handle your financial records, payroll, and year-end accounting. We provide Xero systems training, cashflow forecasting and budget management, deliver precise reports, and maintain your online accounting tools.

We support SMEs and startups in easing their paperwork burdens and enlightening them on how accounts can be powerful tools to make smart business decisions.

Meet Rachel Roden,

Director of Agility Bookkeeping Ltd

When Rachel embarked on her journey as a self-employed bookkeeper in 2009, she had a clear ambition: she wanted to assist SMEs, startups, and sole traders struggling with daily bookkeeping. While she had her financial goals and ambitions documented, reality posed different challenges.

The road to acquiring those initial clients wasn’t smooth. The first few years also saw her navigating through tight financial corners. But what set Rachel apart was her unwavering determination to get the job done!

Soon, under the guidance of a pivotal business advisor, Rachel transitioned her business operations, starting Agility Bookkeeping in 2015, with a greater focus on small limited companies.

She tapped into their need for managing day-to-day paperwork and transformed their chaotic financial records. Today, she assists midsize firms and startups with their bookkeeping, payroll, and cash flow needs.

Her dedication and prowess in her field haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2023, she proudly made it as a finalist for the “Bookkeeper of the Year” at the IAB Awards, a testament to her commitment to excellence.

Rachel believes that the road to business success isn’t easy or swift. It demands financial and mental preparedness. Above all, she emphasises the importance of a strong support network – both personal and professional.

Agility Bookkeeping is a member of the Institute Of Accountants And Bookkeepers (IAB).

This renowned organisation closely monitors our bookkeeping practices, ensuring we are in line with AML regulations and are continually updated with the most recent industry insights and qualifications.

Meet our team

Lynn Gilfillan

Client Advisor

Lynn has been with Agility Bookkeeping for several years, focusing specifically on one client’s accounts all this time, which has been fantastic for building a strong relationship with the client.

The work at Agility Bookkeeping has been interesting, offering new challenges daily, which she appreciates greatly about the job.

A Xero Certified Advisor, Lynn specialises in hospitality accounts. She finds the work both varied and challenging and enjoys engaging with clients within this industry. Her favourite hobby is going for walks with her family dog.

Karen McFall

Client Advisor

Karen has been with the Agility Bookkeeping team for two years, a period that has seemingly flown by, fueled by enjoyment and engagement.

Originally from Edinburgh, Karen relocated to the West of Scotland 22 years ago. Until three years prior, she was self-employed and worked with a diverse range of clients, embodying the adage that variety is indeed the spice of life.

Bringing this extensive experience to Agility Bookkeeping, Karen now manages several clients across different industries, handling all their payroll needs. Her hobbies include travelling, golf, reading, watching golf/football and wine, not necessarily in that order.

Valeria Vacca

Client Advisor

Valeria joined Agility Bookkeeping in 2023 and thoroughly enjoys being part of the team. She’s Italian and ran her practice before moving to Central Scotland, a place she has grown to love.

In addition to being a qualified bookkeeper, Valeria holds a degree in marketing and looks forward to assisting Rachel with blogs in the future. She loves basketball and enjoys coaching the school team as well as spending time with her family.

What makes our bookkeepers stand apart?

Our primary focus is to enhance the growth of your business by delivering accountancy services. We adopt a proactive and results-driven approach, aiming to add significant value to your operations. Here’s why you should choose our bookkeeping team:


We’re honest in our dealings with our clients, not covering or bending the truth, even when that would be easier to do.


We work tenaciously to keep our promises, set realistic deadlines, and fulfil our duties to clients.


We keep up with developments, ideas and trends in the industry, embracing new technology and methods.


We adapt our accounts and payroll services to suit your business – we understand that your business is unique.


We hold on strongly to the ethics and principles of our services, never compromising on these values.


We assist and complement each of our team members and go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs.

What our clients say

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