Cashflow & budget control


Cashflow & budget control

No business can survive without cash!

Accurate forecasting is an essential management tool for ALL business owners, and a central pillar of bookkeeping. If your bookkeeping records are up to date, then you will be able to foresee problems before they arise – and plan ahead! However, most SME owners still use the “back of an envelope” approach or sail on from day-to-day with their fingers crossed!  This is largely because they are unsure how to prepare a cash flow forecast and, in many cases, just don’t have the time.

With our simple-to-use tools we will assist you in setting up and monitoring your cashflow – keeping you ahead and giving peace of mind, knowing that your company’s finances are under control.

Why not click here to book a FREE Half hour Zoom consultation to collect data and produce a simple budget and demonstrate the power of FLOAT for multiple scenarios – putting you in control.

By using our cashflow and cost control service you will:

  • Receive regular cashflow projections
  • Get advice on how cash can be better managed
  • Discover ways to control costs