Full-service payroll services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

Pay your team quickly with our support.

From sorting out employee payslips to complying with HMRC rules and tax submission deadlines — your business will never miss a step with Agility.We are the leading payroll service providers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling.

payroll services

We offer managed payroll services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

Stop worrying about payroll. By using our payroll services, you will:

  • Ensure all your employees are paid correctly and on time
  • Have access to our online payroll software
  • Receive monthly payroll reports for transparency
  • Have all relevant pension calculated, deducted and paid
  • Get completed monthly submissions and P32 Employer Payment Record
  • Access additional payroll support services such as furlough calculation and submissions

Are you ready for compliance, accuracy and, more importantly, peace of mind? If so, simply click the button on your right-hand side to share your contact details, and we will be in contact to arrange a confidential fact-finding call with you.

A stress-free payroll experience

As your business grows, employing people is the next big step that you have to take. However, it comes with a whole raft of legal responsibilities, from contracts of employment and company handbooks to HR procedures and, of course, paying people.

Running payroll isn’t quite as simple as just paying people either.  You have to take care of the correct deductions, NI and PAYE calculations, workplace pensions and holiday/sick pay benefits. Running payroll and keeping up with tax regulations can become rather stressful when you are also trying to grow your business.

Fortunately, our expert team at Agility Bookkeeping takes the strain of all these weekly or monthly compliance tasks away from you. We get payroll done so you can get more important things done — that is a guarantee!