Bookkeeping services for restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

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We will do your books.

When profit margins are tight, cost control and accurate accounts are essential. That becomes an enormous task when books are not maintained properly.

Leverage our experience in bookkeeping for restaurants today!

As a restaurant, bar or cafe owner, we are 100% sure you don many hats. From managing staff and handling vendors to ensuring quality food and service — setting aside time regularly for doing your books is not possible. We get it!

But if you want to scale up — especially in these uncertain times — you must have your financial status at your fingertips. Thankfully, we are experts in filling the gaps in a restaurant’s bookkeeping, recording and reporting on Just Eat and other delivery transactions, and running your payroll.

It is vital to understand and report on all income streams, and this is easy with our specialist restaurant bookkeepers.

Plus, if you are still working on handwritten hardbound registers to do your calculations or use an accounting software that is not suitable for your restaurant, we will migrate your accounts to a proper cloud software such as Xero — free of charge!


Many restaurants and hospitality outlets in Scotland have taken advantage of our online bookkeeping services, one of them being the well known Monterey Jack’s Cocktail Bars and Restaurants with their multiple locations.

We ensure your finances are not only in order but also easily accessible, and accurate all the time. We want to see your business financially sound, and with our restaurant bookkeeping services, that is completely possible!


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Bookkeeping services for restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

We offer managed payroll services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling

Work with our professional restaurant bookkeepers

Our bookkeeping services are for all types of restaurants, cafes and bars — quick-service, fast casual and even fine dining!

By using our online bookkeeping services, you will:


  • Create your restaurant-specific general ledger and chart of accounts
  • Sync your compatible POS system with your accounting software
  • Increase the accuracy of your records
  • Help you easily track your expenses
  • Generate management accounts
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Get you all sorted for tax season
  • Give you real-time understanding of what is happening in your restaurant business


Restaurants and Bars are often targeted by HMRC for compliance checks but our clients need not fear – we ensure that your cash systems, payroll and VAT are handled in line with legal requirements and have experienced no issues during inspections.

Once you start working with us, you will quickly see the benefits.  If you would like to find out more about us and our service, please complete the contact us form, and we will be in touch to arrange a confidential fact-finding call.