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As your business grows, employing people is the next big step that you have to take. However, it comes with a whole raft of legal responsibilities, from employment contracts and company handbooks to HR procedures and, of course, paying people.

Running payroll isn’t quite as simple as just paying people, either. You must take care of the correct deductions, NI and PAYE calculations, workplace pensions and holiday/sick pay benefits. Plus, keeping up with tax regulations and purchasing specialist payroll software can become stressful when trying to grow your business.

Fortunately, our expert team at Agility Bookkeeping takes the strain of all these weekly or monthly compliance tasks away from you. We get payroll in Stirling, Edinburgh, and Glasgow done so you can concentrate on more important things – that is a guarantee!

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From sorting out employee payslips to complying with HMRC rules and tax submission deadlines — your business will never miss a step with our expert bookkeepers who will:

Move from manual bookkeeping to cloud-based software with our systems training services.

Why drain your time and energy hand-picking and organising your paperwork when it can all happen on the cloud, enabling transparency, accuracy, and convenience?

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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

It depends on you! You can pay your employees weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Conventionally speaking, salaries are generally paid monthly, typically towards the end of the month, and they go straight into the employees’ bank accounts. They should also receive pay slips documenting their pay and deductions. Bonus payments are normally paid once every year.

You will need varied info for managing your employee payrolls, such as title, full name, NI number, DOB, address, joining date, payroll frequency, tax code, and annual salary or hourly rate. Much of this information depends on the nature of employment of your workforce – who works full-time with you, who works on a contractual basis, and who are freelancers.

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