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Why take the stress of doing your books regularly when you should be fast-scaling your startup? Hand over this burden to the experts at Agility Bookkeeping.

No one understands startups better than us!

As a startup owner, you have to wear many hats…

From marketing your startup and hiring staff to servicing clients — there is always too much for you to do! Plus, if you want to see how your business is growing, you must have a clear picture of your finances. All too often, though, bookkeeping is one of the first tasks you drop when the work pressure increases.

Thankfully, we excel in providing excellent startup bookkeeping services that’ll keep your books in perfect order — updated as per agreed turnaround time — without interrupting your daily operations.

Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing legislation is time-consuming, and mistakes can be very costly. At Agility Bookkeeping, we are well-trained to keep your new businesses legally compliant and your accounting records in excellent order. Partner with us and put all your bookkeeping worries at rest!

Bookkeeping for startup businesses you can rely on

Your priority is to focus on being an entrepreneur; let us be your bookkeeper.
Once you start working with us, you will quickly see the following benefits:

The many benefits of working with Agility Bookkeeping

Gain an in-depth grasp of your business operations through meticulously accurate financial data. This level of precision empowers you to act swiftly and make informed decisions for your startup with confidence.

With our help, you gain the assurance and self-assurance to confront any challenge, whether it’s business expansion, securing loans, tax compliance, or fundraising. We present you with a transparent snapshot of your financial health.

Long waiting periods for crucial answers are a thing of the past. Our prompt responses are all part of our fixed monthly package—no hidden costs or unexpected charges. Receive the support you need to propel your startup forward.

Hear from our satisfied clients:

Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Yes, absolutely! Bookkeepers specialise in accurate and timely record-keeping, a task that startup founders may find challenging to manage alongside running the business. If you’re overwhelmed with daily transactions, a bookkeeper could be a wise investment. Chat with us to learn how Agility Bookkeeping helps startups like yours.

It’s advisable to hire a bookkeeper as soon as you start your business. This ensures accurate financial tracking from the outset, saving you time and potential errors down the line. A bookkeeper can help manage expenses, invoices, and other financial tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Four key activities in bookkeeping are: 1) Recording transactions, which involves capturing all financial events in a systematic manner. 2) Classifying transactions, where you categorise income and expenses into correct accounts. 3) Reconciliation, which means ensuring your books match your bank statements. 4) Reporting, where financial reports are generated for analysis and decision-making.

Yes, many bookkeepers offer payroll services as part of their skill set. They can handle wage calculations, tax withholdings, and submitting payments to employees. At Agility Bookkeeping, for instance, we can do payroll reports for your startup, calculate, deduct, and pay all relevant pensions, set you up on our Xero payroll software, ensure all your employees are paid complete monthly submissions and P32 employer payment record, and more.

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